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1DVD We Love Dogs

The Kidsongs Kids? dedicate an entire show to dogs of all shapes and sizes. They've got a hound dog, a Great Dane, a German Shepard, a Golden Retriever, a Border Collie and puppies, too.


Little Bo Peep


The Best Dog In The World

Walkin' The Dog

All Shook Up

Hound Dog

The Farmer In The Dell

2DVD  Let's Play Ball

The Kidsongs Kids join the action when Mike the Dog gets a workout as a basketball referee in ""Footloose"". Then a Kidsongs Kid's dream of driving a race car comes true in ""I Get Around"" and the rest of the Kids have fun as the pit crew. Olympic hopefuls work out to the tune of ""Bend Me, Shape Me"". Sailing excitement comes to life as the Kids ""Catch a Wave"" with surfers, sailors and jet skiers. Have fun and sing along with the Kidsongs Kids in all of these wonderful sports videos!

Catch A Wave

It's Not If You Win Or Lose

Practice Makes Perfect

Bend Me, Shape Me

I Get Around

Over The River


Rah, Rah, Sis Boom Bah


You Know That You Can Do It


3DVD What I Want to Be

Join the Kidsongs Kids as they explore what they can be when they grow up. Go on a ""Sea Cruise"" with the Coast Guard and visit the fire station in ""I Wanna Be a Fireman"". Sing ""Drivin' My Life Away"", with one lucky boy who goes on the road with his Dad, in a huge 18-wheeler. Meet two singing doctors and a dancing skeleton in ""Them Bones"". Teachers, Bronco Riders, Policeman, Candy Makers and movie stars round out the cast of this fun sing along.

What Do You Want To Be?

Sea Cruise

Drivin' My Life Away

School Days

The Alphabet Song

One, Two Buckle My Shoe

I Wanna Be A Fireman

Candy Man

Them Bones

Mr. Policeman

Rodeo Rider

Act Naturally

4DVD I Can Dance

The Kidsongs Kids and the Biggles will have you up and dancing for the entire half-hour! You'll be doing the Charleston, the Twist, the Waltz, forming a Conga line and Barefootin' at the beach. Put on your cowboy boots for a line dance, jitter-bug at a fifties diner and rock it out on main street in this dance-athon.

I Can Dance

Dancing In the Street


Don't You Just Love To Waltz?

Twist And Shout

Mexican Hat Dance

The Yellow Rose Of Texas

Come On And Conga


Mashed Potato Time

At The Hop

5DVD   Let's Dance

It's time to boogie!  Join the Kidsongs Kids in an exciting dance-along.  You'll jive to classic rock and roll, rock out in your Blue Suede Shoes, do the Hokey Pokey and even learn to Waltz.


Don't You Just Love To Waltz?

At The Hop

The Hokey Pokey


Blue Suede Shoes

Alley Cat

6DVD Country Sing-Along

We're going to the country! First stop, a fabulous farm for a fun-filled horseback ride, a real cattle drive, and line dancing with a cookin' country band. Then the Biggles' magic powers transport the Kidsongs Kids to a real western town where trick riders and ropers put on a dazzling performance! You'll be stompin' your feet and clappin' your hands with this country music extravaganza, featuring favorites like ""Born to Be a Cowboy,"" ""On the Road Again,"" ""Happy Trails to You,"" and many more!

Country Kid


On The Road

Again Watch Our Oats And Barley Grow

The Old Chisholm Trail

Born To Be A Cowboy

Buffalo Gals

Nashville Cats

Achy Breaky Heart

Happy Trails To You

7DVD If We Could Talk to the Animal

Hound Dog

Talk to the Animals

Five little monkeys

Racoon & Possum

Over in the Meadow

The Bear went over the Mountain

The Kicking Mule

The Farmer in the Dell

The Old Hen

See you Later, Alligator

8DVD A Day at the Beach


Catch A Wave

Day-O (Banana Boat Song)

Polly Wolly Doodle

We're Gonna Get Wet

C'mon And Swim

The Best Sandcastle